24DigitalIndia.com provide an ideal online digital platform for buyers and suppliers who can interact with each other and conduct their business smoothly, securely, and effectively. 24DigitalIndia.com is concerned about the privacy and security of users' personal information and makes commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security.

This Policy outlines the practices for handling the users’ information that 24DigitalIndia.com gather through the Website and other sources. Privacy Policy applies to current and former visitors to the website. By visiting and/or using the website, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

24DigitalIndia.com always advise users to carefully read and comprehend the privacy policy so that they are aware of how their personal and business information will be handled while they engage with 24DigitalIndia.com and utilize the services.

Primary purposes for using users’ Personal Information

  • To make the site easier for you to use by not having to add information more than once.
  • Help you quickly find services and information.
  • Help u create content most relevant to you.
  • To alert you about updated information, special offers, and other new services from 24DigitalIndia.com.

Collection of Information

24DigitalIndia.com gathers and retains information from the users at the time of registration. 24DigitalIndia.com may request personal information such as name, occupation, contact number, residence address, and email address in order to better understand the users. 24DigitalIndia.com also requests business information such as company details, requirements, and services.

Users who use the website's free or paid services authorise 24DigitalIndia.com the right to use their information to send them service updates, surveys to gauge their satisfaction with the services, and announcements about new and interesting services that 24DigitalIndia.com offers.

24DigitalIndia.com maintains the confidentiality of the information submitted by the user and does not share it with any third parties or other users or visitors unless specifically approved by the user.

On 24DigitalIndia.com, third parties sometimes co-sponsor promotions utilising emails and banner ads, and 24DigitalIndia.com itself occasionally does the same. The sponsor may get all or part of the user's data that was uploaded. The user may exercise their right not to participate and to limit how their data is shared with the sponsor by sending an email to info@24digitalindia.com.

To enhance the user experience and offer better services, 24DigitalIndia.com collect and analyse usage statistics such as the number of unique visitors, pages visited, screen resolution, and browser software.

Usage of Information

24DigitalIndia.com may collect and use Users’ personal information for the following purposes:

  • To enhance client service:
    Your information enables 24DigitalIndia.com to address your support and customer care requirements.
  • Enhancing user experience:
    To better understand how users as a whole make use of the services and resources offered on the website, 24DigitalIndia.com may utilise information in the aggregate.
  • To improve the website:
    Your comments may be used by 24DigitalIndia.com to enhance its goods and services and the website.
  • To process payments: When a user places a purchase, 24DigitalIndia.com may utilise the personal information they provide about themselves in order to process payments and fulfil that transaction. Except as required to provide the Service, 24DigitalIndia.com does not disclose this information to other parties.
  • To run a promotion, contest, survey, or other website feature: 24DigitalIndia.com send Users the information they agreed to receive about the topics it thinks will be of interest to them.
  • A regular email initiative:
    The email address may be used by 24DigitalIndia.com to contact the user with information and order-related updates. Inquiries, questions, and/or other requests may also be addressed via it. Users will get emails that may contain corporate news, updates, details about relevant products or services, etc. If they choose to opt-in to the mailing list. 24DigitalIndia.com may include clear unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email in case the user ever wants to stop receiving future communications.

24DigitalIndia.com do not and will never share, disclose, sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information to other companies (other than to specific clients you are interacting with) for the marketing of their own products or services.

24DigitalIndia.com supplies its consumers with adverts, essential free services, and user experience via general newsletters, website, and customised emails based on use data, current trends, and needs. By publishing the user's personal and business information on 24DigitalIndia.com, other buyers and sellers may contact our users by email, phone, WhatsApp, or SMS with business inquiries. The enquiry raised is not guaranteed to meet the respective interests of both parties since 24DigitalIndia.com doesn't exert control over buyers or sellers for submitting business inquiries to our listed users.

In order to provide value-added services to our Users, we keep track of their browsing and shopping habits, including but not limited to their search habits, client contact information, and profiles.

Virtual Numbers may be issued to Free and Paid Members and included in displays at all 24DigitalIndia.com endeavours. They can also be utilised for listing and displaying at other locations and portals, such as third-party Service Providers and Search Engines. These calls will be recorded and tracked by 24DigitalIndia.com, which will then utilise them to provide value-added services to users.

Distribution of Information

  • 24DigitalIndia.com will not provide any of your personal information to a third party without your permission and without informing you of the reason for the transfer or sharing.
  • 24DigitalIndia.com may, with your explicit permission, share aggregate data about user activity with current or potential business partners including advertising and content providers.
  • 24DigitalIndia.com may disclose the information if requested by a governmental or investigatory authority. 24DigitalIndia.com may also disclose information required to be disclosed by any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, bylaw, guidance, circular, or code applicable to us.
  • 24DigitalIndia.com does not trade, rent, or sell the personal information of its users to third parties. For the aforementioned goals, 24DigitalIndia.com may share general aggregated demographic data about its users and visitors with trusted affiliates, marketers, and business partners. This data will not include any user-specific personal identifying information.
  • In order to run its company, maintain its website, or handle tasks like sending out emails or surveys on its behalf, 24DigitalIndia.com may work with other service providers. In the event that you have given 24DigitalIndia.com permission, 24DigitalIndia.com may disclose your information to these parties for those specific, restricted objectives.
  • With any third party participating in a merger, joint venture, assignment, reorganisation, planned or actual sale of a company, sale or transfer of 24DigitalIndia.com assets or stocks.
  • 24DigitalIndia.com may share personal information with third parties for purposes not covered by this privacy statement with your explicit and express permission.

Updating the Information

By login into "My Folder" at 24DigitalIndia.com, a user may update his or her profile and change account information. The updated information will be visible when the necessary verifications have been completed. The user will no longer be able to use any of our services if they delete or deactivate their account. The remaining data would be sent into the archive trash.

Security of Information

In order to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, gathering, use, disclosure, alteration, loss, destruction, disposal, or other hazards, 24DigitalIndia.com has put in place adequate security measures. To secure your Personal Data, we have implemented technological, physical, electronic, administrative, procedural, and organisational security measures in line with the relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. Despite making every attempt to keep your personal information secure, 24DigitalIndia.com cannot promise that it will never be released in a way that conflicts with our privacy policy. All employees and intermediaries who have access to and handle your personal data have received training in managing personal data and are obligated to maintain its confidentiality. You acknowledge and agree that 24DigitalIndia.com cannot and will not assume responsibility for any security breaches that are beyond our reasonable control. Please email us at info@24digitalindia.com if you have any queries regarding our security procedures.

Users are encouraged to preserve their passwords and other credentials, sign out of "My Folder" while not using the service, and provide personal information only after verifying the recipient's identity and purpose. Make careful to log out if you use a computer or other electronic device with someone else, or if you use a public computer. Users are urged to take the same precautions to safeguard their private and commercial information from criminals.

In accordance with its commercially reasonable capabilities, 24DigitalIndia.com takes the necessary precautions to guarantee that user information is gathered and maintained securely. Users are cautioned to use caution. Despite its best efforts to protect user information, 24DigitalIndia.com is unable to guarantee 100% safe data transfer. Users may contribute information, both personal and commercial, at their own risk since there is no assurance that the data they share with 24DigitalIndia.com is 100% secure.

The team immediately takes aggressive steps to protect the security of your data whenever you share any information with 24DigitalIndia.com. Please be aware that you can get unwanted communications from other people if you post personal or professional information online that is accessible to the public./p>

Google Management

In order to provide visitors with relevant information and advertisements, 24DigitalIndia.com runs Google ads on its website and employs cookies to monitor and record user visits to 24DigitalIndia.com and other websites.


24DigitalIndia.com reserves the right to modify this statement at any time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be listed in this section, and if such changes are material, a notice will be included on the homepage of the website for a period of time. If you have any questions about the privacy of 24DigitalIndia.com or about our website practices, please contact us at: info@24digitalindia.com